A simple, easy to follow approach to revision.

Get your GCSE revision planning in hand

Introducing The Study Buddy:

Planning revision for GCSE success

GCSE Exams are looming. Households up and down the country are going through a host of emotions right now. It could be concern that their angels are heaping too much pressure on themselves right the way through to the frustration that the little so-and-sos haven't even picked up a book yet.

Regardless of the situation, there isn't parent in the land who doesn't just want to see their children do their best and reach their potential. And that was the entire reason that the Study Buddy was devised.

The Study Buddy is a straight forward system to make it easier to manage revision.


The Study Buddy Benefits

Weekly success

Focuses the mind on short term goals. Achievable and satisfying.

Skills for the future

The entire approach helps develop prioritisation and task management skills.

Simple to follow

The 5 step process is straightforward and highly intuitive.

Social/Study balance

The weekly schedule lets you plan out of school activities and the all important lie-ins!


A complete view of what needs to be done and power to schedule when to do it.

Overcomes procrastination

Allocating units to time slots overcomes the single biggest barrier to revision:"what next?"

Visual overview of revision

A comprehensive backlog of course units lets you know what has to be done.

Coach not task master

The parental role becomes much more focused on support, not hassling.

Prevents subject avoidance

The full list of topics makes it obvious if any areas are being neglected.