Personalised Study Summaries


The Definitive Course Checklist

Do you know how well you’re doing against your courses’ content? Are you confident that you are covering the topics you need in all the subjects?

Our NEW Study Summary documents create a simple, easy-to-access breakdown of every subject studied. It is a personalised checklist. Who doesn’t like a tick-box to-do list? And these study summaries are created according to the exam board specifications. The summaries are sent to you in PDF format, ready for you to keep and print at home.

Lockdown and remote learning have made it difficult to keep track of progress. Throw into the mix the demotivation that has come from exam-cancellations, and it is more important than ever to have a straightforward approach to keeping on top of studying.

The checklist contains prompts for:

  • Taught
  • Summarised
  • Flashcards
  • Self-tested (x3)
  • Past paper
  • Confidence level
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Each Study Summary will contain a breakdown of the GCSE courses that your child is taking. Once you've ordered you will receive a link to let us know which subjects and exam boards you need (max 12 per summary). You'll get the summary as a PDF document for you to print at home.

Most subjects' topics and units will fit on one page, but sometimes they can go into 2 pages. We've kept the design nice and simple, so as not to waste your ink, but keep usability high!

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