One step at a time

Our innovative study method is structured around knowing exactly what content needs to be studied and exactly when it will be covered.

It’s an easy to follow approach that makes revision for GCSEs, A Levels of other exams much less daunting.

Let us tell you more about how the approach works

Revision and Study Planning

Is your teen on track for their GCSE or A Level exams in 2022?

Many students – and parents – are feeling the pressure this year. Will they be ready? Do they know where to start?

The award-winning Study Buddy method is easy to follow. We breakdown what needs to be done for each course into bite-sized chunks. Students then schedule specific tasks one week at a time. With our bundles and revision sets you creating foolproof revision plans in no time at all, and reducing stress at the same time!

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Why it works

Tangible Benefits

Focuses the mind on short term goals. Achievable and satisfying.

Balance Time

The weekly schedule lets you plan study activities and the all important lie-ins!


A comprehensive backlog of course units lets you know what has to be done.


The parent role becomes more about supporting and less about hassling.


The entire approach helps develop prioritisation and task management skills.


A complete view of what needs to be done and power to schedule when to do it.

Case Study: The Procrastinator

Daniel was a fairly typical teen. Bright and capable but if he didn’t find a way to focus on his revision he’d never do as well as he could. 

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