GCSE Revision Bundle Special


Everything you need to get going quickly with your GCSE study planning. And at 20% off of the cost of the separate items!

Your bespoke GCSE revision bundle contains:

  • The Buddy Board
  • Up to 10 GCSE course sets
  • Dry wipe pen and eraser set
  • The Digital Tracker
  • Personalised Study Summary.

Normally this bundle would come it at £120.38.

Once you’ve placed your order we’ll be in touch to get your specific courses. The reason that’s important is that our planning sets are created for each exam board.


    How the GCSE Revision Bundle works to keep studies on track.

    We provide you with sets for your GCSE courses. These are a complete breakdown of what’s in the course. It means you will be able to plan revision knowing full well that all the content is being worked on.

    These bespoke units are printed onto magnetic cards so they can be used and reused in the planning process.

    Our magnetic whiteboard is specifically designed for our units. The week-to-view plan leaves plenty of room for the backlog of work to be on display too. The beauty of this being a physical approach is that everyone can see at a glance what the plan is.

    The dry-wipe is important for flexibly factoring in other commitments.

    Alongside the core tools, we have two essential extras: The Digital Tracker and Study Summaries.

    Both offer ways of making sure that work is seen in the context of the whole. You can see how much has been done and which areas to focus on.

    Important resources as you work towards the exams.

    Order your GCSE bundle today and get planning without delay!


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    Weight 5 kg
    Dimensions 92 × 62 × 5 cm
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