GCSE Revision Bundle Special


Everything you need to get going quickly with your GCSE study planning. And at 20% off of the cost of the separate items!

Your bespoke GCSE revision bundle contains:

  • The Buddy Board
  • Up to 10 GCSE course sets
  • Dry wipe pen and eraser set
  • The Digital Tracker
  • Personalised Study Summary.

Normally this bundle would come it at £120.38.

Once you’ve placed your order we’ll be in touch to get your specific courses. The reason that’s important is that our planning sets are created for each exam board.


With the GCSE Revision Bundle you will get up and running quickly, right out of the box. The Study sets break down each of your courses into bite-sized chunks. We call these 'units'. You use the Buddy Board like it's a to do list, grouping the units by topic and subject. Then, each week, block out committed time, whether that's school, part time job, walking the dog or even the all important lie in. Then allocate some units to the free times. How much or how little is up to you.

At the end of the week, review what's been done and what might need a little more work. Use part of the blank half of your board as a 'Done' pile. It's not just hugely satisfying to see units go there, but it is incredibly motivating. It makes success much more attainable and your teen will start to see the benefits of their efforts.

Working their way through their units will help them to be exam ready, and the Digital Tracker can be used to both monitor progress and confidence.

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