Desk Jotter & GCSE Revision Planning Labels


The new Study Buddy GCSE Desk Jotter and Labels is portable and lightweight and ideal for Year 11 GCSE-facing teens. The stickers are a breakdown of each subject being studied, to make sure that the full specification is being covered. INTRODUCTORY OFFER: FREE SHIPPING

It fits helpfully on a desk or table, while being large enough to show what work needs to be done. Based on the original GCSE Revision Bundle, we break down each course into bite-sized units of work. These are collated, bespoke for each student, based on their specific subject and exam boards. The stickers make sure that the whole of a course is covered. While the 25 pages of full week-to-a-page timetable builds great time management habits and skills.

Each subject is printed in a different colour to make it easy to spread subjects out and see if any are being avoided.

Included with the Desk Jotter are labels to cover 10 GCSE-level courses.

We cover all subjects and exam boards.

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