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Special GCSE Desk Jotter Bundle

As GCSE exams get closer, we’ve created a limited special bundle. Everything you need to make the most of the time left to exams:

  • The 25-page A3 Desk Jotter
  • 2 sets of stickers for up to 10 GCSE courses
  • Access to the Digital Tracker
  • Your very own personalised Study Summary

Ordering couldn’t be simpler – just let us know the courses you need once you’ve placed your order. You don’t need to have everything right now, we’ll send you a link in the confirmation email too. And, if you’re not sure, we will happily see if we can find out for you.  Supporting you starts right now.

How does it work?

The new Study Buddy GCSE Desk Jotter and Labels is portable, lightweight and ideal for Year 11 GCSE-facing teens. The stickers are a breakdown of each subject being studied. This is how you can make sure that the full specification is covered.

It fits helpfully on a desk or table while being large enough to show what work needs to be done. Based on the original GCSE Revision Bundle, we break down each course into bite-sized units of work. These are collated, and bespoke for each student, based on their specific subject and exam boards. The stickers make sure that the whole of a course is covered, while the full week-to-a-page timetable approach builds great time management habits and skills.

Each subject is printed in a different colour to make it easy to spread subjects out and see if any are being avoided.

Included with the Desk Jotter are labels to cover 10 GCSE-level courses. And this includes iGCSEs and other Level 1/2 courses.

We cover all subjects and exam boards.


Original price was: £49.99.Current price is: £39.99.


Once you’ve ordered. You’ll be directed to a form where you can let us know all the details.

The more time you have, the better. It’s actually never too early to get into good habits. Just be aware not to pile on pressure. Ask us about the forgetting curve and why cramming is a bad idea!

Each bundle is created for the individual, so there are times when we are busier than others. Typically though, we aim to compile each GCSE and A Level bundle within a couple of days. If you’re particularly keen to get going, choose the express delivery option. We’ll bump you up the list and it’s usually a couple of working days to delivery.

Absolutely not. As a parent or carer, we know our children best – even if they don’t realise we want what’s best for them! If your household has been come tense about exams, this system can help defuse the situation. A clear, rational and non-judgmental approach is in everyone’s best interests. 

We are always happy to talk about implementation tips, and how to get the most of the system.

And why would you?! Once you’ve ordered just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to to help by looking back at previous students and scouring the school’s website.

It stands to reason that the more effort you put in, the more rewards you get out. BUT we are concerned with helping your teen to manage their time to the best of their ability. If there are knowledge gaps those are best filled by talking to the school or employing a tutor.

Absolutely not. We tend to gear our sets to the higher level where there is a difference in topics. This gives the most optionality. Any units that aren’t covered in a foundation course can simply be discarded.

We’re about managing time as much as we are about being prepared for exams. In the case of subjects that are wholly coursework based, like Art & Design, we include a number of units to allocate the workload. If there is an element of Non-Examined Assessment, such as with Food & Nutrition, then we tend to include a unit so that NEA work is scheduled. 

Customer Reviews

“Where do I start? And are there more than 5 Stars that I can give - how about 10 stars to The Study Buddy!

Nathan thank you so so much! You have made mine and my 16 year olds life easier. ”
Mum to teen boy
“OMG! That's amazing!!!”
A Level student
“We have found this an excellent approach to support our son and get closer to where he need extra support. Really takes the mystery out of how will he is revising. Visualising a plan on a white board is great, seeing progress motivates and gives a sense of achievement..”
Dad to a teen boy