Goodbye revision headaches

Overcome procrastination and reduce exam anxiety. Our tailor-made planning bundle will have your teen up and running in no time.

No fuss and no nagging!

Beat Procrastination

Courses are broken down into specific, bite-sized units. This minimises dither and delay! And is a visible to-do list, helping to focus attention.

Combat Stress

Students have a clear path to exam readiness. This gives them a sense of control which is key to reducing anxiety.

Adaptable Planning

Our approach works by being flexible to your teen’s life. It means that the whole process evolves, based on experience.

Create Routines

In the absence of motivation, structure and routine can help overcome those barriers to keeping going.

Monitor Progress

As a highly visible approach, students and parents know exactly how things are going. It also works by redefining success as something to be achieved each week.

Build Accountability

All too often study planning is something that happens by someone else, for teens. Our system helps them to take control in a sensible framework.


Our most popular GCSE toolkits

The Special GCSE Bundle

The Original Study Buddy product has everything you need to organise revision. Ideal for Year 10 and Year 11 students.

The Desk Jotter Kit

This has all of the power and personalisation of the full bundle, at a budge-friendly cost. It’s also easy to carry around.

Don’t leave great results to chance.

A tailored Study Bundle

Your bundle is created specifically for the subjects and exam boards your teen is taking. We’ve got over 450 GCSEs, iGCSEs, National Certificate and other courses all broken down ready. 

Once you’ve ordered, we create your bundle to your requirements. We can even help you work out what you need!

Content. Coverage. Confidence.

We take the exam board specification and turn them into a master to-do list. This way students know exactly what they have to cover before exams. The approach creates an easy to follow routine. And this leads to increased confidence when it comes to sitting the exams.

And not just that, these are great time management habits to get into. They’ll serve your teen well for life beyond exams.

What kind of approach to revision does your teen have?

The Procrastinator

“I will… later.”

What it looks like How to turn things around
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of direction
  • Not knowing where to start
  • Sees help as interference
  • Routine & structure
  • Clear breakdown of activities
  • Make decisions ahead of time

The Ostrich

“I don’t even need to revise yet.”

What it looks like How to turn things around
  • Crams for tests
  • Denies need to think about revision
  • Refuses help
  • Simple approach that fits them
  • Little and often to reduce study effort
  • Stealth approach to incorporating study


“It doesn’t matter what I do, it’s not enough”

What it looks like How to turn things around
  • Worry about results – regardless of effort
  • Panic about exam and tests
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Clarity about what needs to be done
  • Build confidence through monitored progress
  • Provide control with safety net

Middle of The Road

“It’s fine.”

What it looks like How to turn things around
  • Avoids trouble by doing the minimum
  • Does ok, but could do a bit better
  • Waiting for teachers to set revision homework
  • Balanced approach to dialling up effort
  • Unambiguous to-do list
  • Steadily build good time and study habits

Anxious Overworker

“I won’t get the grades I need if I stop.”

What it looks like How to turn things around
  • Perfectionist tendencies
  • Overly zealous/risks burnout
  • Risks burn out/exhaustion
  • Framework for rational conversations
  • Reassurance through monitored progress
  • Visible structure for all aspects of time management


“I didn’t really try, so I haven’t really failed.”

What it looks like How to turn things around
  • Past performance not reflected in current outcomes
  • Disengaged from study and revision
  • Lack of motivation – seemingly apathetic about results
  • False bravado about poor grades
  • Change mindset by reframing success
  • Provide clear structure to remove barriers
  • Give accountability

Do you find yourself worrying if your child is doing enough, or on top of their studies?

With The Study Buddy you can help them to be at their best in the exams, without them feeling like it is taking over their life – and without you nagging them!

Our innovative revision bundle has everything you need to organise your teenager while giving them control and responsibility.

The Buddy Board & Pens

A 90x60cm magnetic whiteboard with a week to view grid and space for the Study Buddy backlog.

The Buddy Board

We have broken down each course into units of work. Each printed onto a magnetic card Up to 10 subjects included in your bundle.

Support aids

Each bundle is completed with access to the Digital Tracker and printable personalised summary.

Don’t Delay – order your GCSE Revision Bundle today!

The sooner revision starts, the easier it is to retain knowledge and really excel in the exams. It’s easy to put it off, but there really is no time like the present to get going.

Hope is not a strategy

To really succeed in these exams, students should be on top of their studies from the outset. That’s not to say that every waking hour is spent working. But little and often is far and away the most effective study route.

With our bundles you and your teen will know exactly how much work there is. And you can plan accordingly. 

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