The end of exams brings with it an almost palpable lifting of a weight. The hard work has been done – or not – and now all you have to do is wait. And I say “all” like it’s easy in itself. For some this waiting period can be a little fraught too. So what are the best ways to approach this hinterland between exams, results and our little darling’s next steps?

This week, Nathan is joined by Andy Scott-Evans. Andy is the Head Teacher of Becket Keys Church of England School in Essex where he has been head for nearly 10 years.

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In this episode we ask:

  • Do you think it’s worth trying to pick over the bones of their freshly sat exam?
  • There’s a temptation to say “oh well they don’t really matter” if things haven’t gone well. Weighing the relative importance of GCSEs for students
  • How best to use the time between now and the results (and the start of next term)
  • Should students be mindful of their CVs during this time?
  • Advice for results day and aftermath

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