The Study Buddy’s flexible planner is just that! A smaller format week to view schedule that is ideal for younger learners, people with limited space, or just to have something more portable.

The planner is:

  • Magnet receptive
  • Dry wipeable
  • Lightweight
  • Can be stuck to walls, doors or other places
  • Easy to store
  • A2 (that’s 59 x 42 cm)

Not everyone wants or needs the full-size board (we do recommend it for GCSEs and A Levels where possible). This alternative is perfect for those situations where you’re not managing a backlog of work, but perhaps managing daily activities. They are dry-wipe so perfectly reusable. And the weekly grid is designed to work with our magnetic cards and revision sets.

Magnets will stick to these planners because they have iron content in them. But they are not magnetic themselves. They will not stick to a fridge, for example. We can let you have some adhesive magnets if you ask us nicely before we dispatch. We’ll include some handy velcro tabs that you can use to stick it to a wall or door. But adhesive tape or BluTack would also work nicely.

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