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Revising GCSE revision: Reframing the idea of exam preparation from short fix to long term, with Dawn Cox

It’s not unusual for students to wait until exams are almost upon them before revising. “Don’t stress, there’s loads of time” is certainly something parents hear a lot. Probably something they said fair amount too! For generations, teens have seen revision as that thing you do in the run-up to a test. It seems somehow […]

Making Maths Count: Overcoming barriers to master Maths GCSE with Dani Quinn

Could Maths be the Marmite of the Education world? Students seem to either love it or loathe it. They get it or they struggle. So, often you’ll hear students who don’t enjoy it say: “I don’t know why I’m bothering”. Or “I’m never going to need to know the quadratic formula after GCSEs”.  Many parents […]

Taking Stock of the Mock: What dry run exams are – and are not – good for with Adam Boxer

There’s something poetically ironic about calling these dry run exams “mocks”.  For many parents, this is the time when our children make a mockery of revising. Or perhaps it’s more like they’re mocking us for our frequent, if not futile, attempts to get them to study. Ironic naming aside, these dress rehearsals can take up […]

Revising Boys: A look at why it is [typically] difficult to get boys to study with Mark Roberts

Boys? Well, they’re just lazier than girls / don’t try as hard / procrastinate more / need to run around and let off steam. These are some very obvious stereotypes about teen boys that we could call on. Most of us would recognise at least one or two traits in sons – and perhaps other […]

Ep11: The Study Trinity: Fostering great relationships between teachers, parents, and students with Russell Hobby

Parents want their children to do well. Teachers want their students to achieve their potential. And certainly no student is actively trying to fail. Given that we all want the same thing, you’d think that the relationship between the three parties would be harmonious and collaborative. But sometimes it might not feel like everyone is […]

English Proper: The importance of revising for English GCSEs with Jennifer Webb

When it comes to most exam subjects, most teens seem consider that revision is mostly about retaining facts and figures. For many , therefore, revising English Literature boils down to creating a bank of quotes. All too often, preparing for English Language is an afterthought. The go to position being: “I speak English; what’s to […]

Ep 9 Testing Times: Retrieval Practice and its role as a GCSE study technique with Kate Jones

As parents we’re often confronted with situations where our teens will tell us: “I don’t know how to” or “I’m just no good at remembering this”. From our own experiences too, we might have found that we’ll recall some things very easily even from school; the rhyme about Henry VIII’s wives. But other things seem […]

Ep7 Mindfulness and Mental Wellbeing in teens approaching GCSEs with Omari Eccelston-Brown

We all have different ways of coping with – if not managing – stress. Perhaps it’s the variety of situations we’ve experienced that make us more or less adept to managing pressure. But our young people have had limited opportunity to experience or deal with the kinds of pressure they now find themselves under. So, […]