Time flies when you’re having fun. But apparently, it also goes fairly quickly when gripped in a global pandemic, enduring various tiered lockdowns, and a feeling that we’re not so much working from home as living at work. And let’s no get started on remote learning…. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since we started this humble podcast. Back then the world was a different place. Students were studying to greater or lesser extents and parents often struggled to know how best to support them. Well, it’s good to know that Covid hasn’t altered everything, I guess.

This week, in a special year-in-review episode, Nathan McGurl, founder of The Study Buddy, is taking a look back at some of the themes and topics that we’ve explored over the past 12 months and 44 episodes. Each expertly produced by the fantastic team at Pineapple Audio Productions.

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For the second only time in our history, Nathan is podcasting solo! Although, it’ll feel like we’re amongst friends as we remember some of the over 50 expert guests who’ve featured on the show. So, cue the wavey lines while I slip into a Noel Coward style jacket and stoke the fire, for this “Study Sessions” retrospective.

From our very first episode with Dr Dominique Thompson looking at perfectionism and the fear of failure amongst our teens to the interview with Ofqual’s Chief Regular, Simon Lebus, looking at the alternative arrangements for this year’s students; Nathan explores the themes and topics we’ve covered and some of the invaluable lessons we’ve learnt.

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