Creating your GCSE revision schedule – knowing ‘when’

Knowing exactly what you have to do is the starting point. But committing to do it – and seeing it through – is critical to success! We’ve all been in a situation where time just seems to have disappeared. That one thing you had to do, that you put off. At the start of the…
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Building the backlog

There’s an old African proverb: How do you eat the elephant? – One bite at a time. Sometimes staring into a really big task – revising for your GCSEs, for example – can seem really overwhelming. Scary almost. It might seem to us to be unachievable. Especially if we can’t see past the enormity of…
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Addressing the attainment gap

Today the Children’s Commissioner released research that more and more young people are leaving school without key qualifications – and that children from the poorest families are most affected. This research, reported in BBC News, shows that since 2015 there has been a 28% increase in the number of children leaving education without ‘substantive qualifications’.…
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GCSE grades gap – all down to approach?

The Times Education Supplement (TES) has today reported that the approach to revision is key to explaining attainment. In particular the study looks at the gender gap and how girls are fairing better in traditionally boy-dominated top grade subjects. The research takes the view that the strategies and techniques used in revision play a significant…
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Being involved in sports doesn’t harm GCSE performance

Research by Huddersfield University for The Headmasters’ and Headmistresses Conference has shown that students shouldn’t be discouraged from playing sports, in the run-up to exams as there is no negative effect on exam results. The study – reported in The Telegraph – found that students shouldn’t abandon sports in the run up to GCSE or…
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Plan for a plan to fight the panic.

If you’re worrying that time is running out, stop what you’re doing! The countdown to GCSE exams is well underway. Households across the country are in varying degrees of panic. Many parents are concerned about the amount of time their children are spending revising – whether that’s too much or too little. However, how students…
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Revising for GCSEs at home. The 8 steps.

Studying at home is an important part of consolidating learning ready for GCSE exams. But is revision in your home a battleground or a safe haven?

Time for a check up?

Exam time is looming. It’s natural to start to feel anxious. But this isn’t the time to blindly panic. What you need is a plan so you know if you need to panic with conviction. Even those who have been revising for a while may feel a little shaky about how exam ready they are.…
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Coaching a teen

We’re all familiar with the idea of a coach as being the person screaming and shouting on the side lines of sports matches in American sitcoms. That’s not what we’re talking about here.

Setting up the board for the first time.

You’re ready for your first pass at the board. Each week will follow the same routine. The structure is your friend. Educators agree, this easy to follow repetition is one of the key reasons why The Study Buddy is such a successful approach to revising for GCSE exams. Block out the school day. You could…
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