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Individualised tools for your whole year group.

Great revision? It’s about time. 

A student’s ability to consolidate their classroom learning at home has a huge impact on their outcomes. But often many students are left unsure where to start or how to go about creating a meaningful and successful plan.

With our school-friendly products you can provide a practical and student-specific tools. It is the simple and straightforward framework many teens – and their parents – need to get going.

Give your students their own revision planning kit. Each set contains a breakdown of the student’s courses. This is a great way to kickstart planning.

Engaging and practical sessions with Nathan McGurl – The Study Buddy.  Your students will receive invaluable advice on revision and time management.

Help your parent communities support their children’s study. Nathan shares practical tips and first-hand war-stories of living with an exam-facing teen.

The feedback was all really positive. Even from the demotivated students!!


Students found the strategies that were offered very helpful in managing their time and organising their revision. And parents very much welcomed useful suggestions as to how they could support their children at this challenging and often stressful time. 

Students gave lots of positive feedback about the session. The pitch was at the right level and timing worked well over 50 minutes. They certainly found the participation elements engaging.

Tailored Student Packs

Not knowing where to start or what to cover are the most common issues cited by students as barriers to revision. Our straightforward tools overcome both of these.

Through both our Study Summaries and our Jotter Sets we can provide a tailored breakdown of each student’s course.  The consistent breakdown across all subjects helps students to visualise their study load and reduces the burden on teaching staff.

Everyone gets their own, tailored subject breakdown. This is how they know exactly what content to cover.

We’re not just interested in ticking off lists, we want to help build great time management behaviours, that’s why our jotters have a full week-to-view calendar.

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