On Advance Information and the impact on GCSE and A Level revision with Dawn Cox

It’s been a whole two episodes since we mentioned the impact of COVID on our teen’s education.  That was never going to last! There have been two years of interrupted learning, for those sitting exams this year – being year 11 and year 13 students. As a result, exam boards have now released what is […]

On nutrition and the impact on revision and exam performance with Louise Mercieca

There’s something about sugary, or creamy, or fried that screams ‘treat’. Well, it does to my mind. There are those for whom a crunchy carrot baton and organic hummus are a reward. For most of us, though, I suspect we’d walk blinkered past a quinoa and courgette tray bake in favour of a doughnut any […]

GCSE revision Advance Information for the summer 2022 exams

All the UK exams boards have today (7th Feb 2022) released information on which major topics will appear in the summer 2022 exams. The move is one of a number of steps taken to recognise the disruption that students have suffered in their GCSE years. This particular initiative to release advance notice helps students prepare […]