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Set your confidence levels to determine what to study next.

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Plan. Prioritise. Progress.

The Study Buddy’s Digital Tracker makes it easy for you to monitor progress of your GCSE revision. All the courses are broken down into units of work so you can keep on top of it all.

We have all of the GCSEs and iGCSEs preloaded and ready to go.

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So that’s how you’re getting on.

The dashboard shows you instantly how far through your subjects you are. The bar fills to show progress. If that’s not enough, red amber and green colours really bring that home!

Bite-sized chunks of revision.

The Study Buddy revision method is based on breaking down each syllabus into smaller, manageable units of work. Our Digital Tracker contains all of these units for every GCSE or iGCSE in the UK. 

Students simply click through the subjects to see what topics and sub topics are contained in it. This can be used to develop a revision timetable – or sits perfectly alongside our Buddy Board and GCSE sets

Nailed it?

When units of work are completed, students mark them complete by selecting their confidence level – High Medium or Low. 

With every completed unit the progress bar fills a little more, representing how much of each topic – and the overall subject – has been completed. 

In addition, the different coloured confidence markers give you a quick view of where you might focus you attention.

Prioritised reset.

Once you’ve been through a course – or when you get to a particular point – you can reset your units. And you can do it according to confidence level. 

Reseting everything that’s a low priority, for example, will let you focus on those units, by marking them as incomplete. 

Alternatively either at the beginning of term, after the mocks or at anyother point you could reset the lot and start your revision all over again. 

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Some other useful features

As if helping making GCSE revision more manageble isn’t enough, here are some additional things you might like.


You can reduce the number of topics and subtopics in a course. 

This is especially helpful for students taking foundation or intermediate courses. And of course those in Yr 10 who won’t have completed a syllabus yet.



More than one person can access a tracker profile. 

This means that parents, teachers, tutors etc, don’t have to share login details. Also a user can have access to more than one profile. Handy for teachers and parents of twins!



A day countdown to the first exam let’s you know how long is left.

It’s not about piling on the pressure, it is about focus. And it is useful to know what you’re working to – especially as they get closer. It might make the difference of what to study next.


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