The 5 step revision plan

The beauty of the Study Buddy method is its simplicity. And its understanding of teen psychology, motivation and a shed load of project management theory.

At its core, The Study Buddy method has 5 straightforward steps.

1. Be ready

Remove all the distractions - sharpen your pencils, straighten up the piles of paper - and make sure that you have everything you need to make notes. Gather whatever study aids and books you will use and get them in order. And make sure you have your backlog of units.

2. Prepare your board

Work one week at a time. Start by blocking out the time that you can’t do. Most obviously your school day. But also any out of school activities, like sports or music practice. Block them all out.
And be realistic. At the weekend you might like a lie in. Or you want to hang out with mates on a Friday night. Make sure that you get a good balance between work and play. And if play involves some kind of exercise and fresh air, all the better.

Your schedule has to be something that you can follow.

3. Allocate the units

Now you know what time you have available, you simply allocate units from your backlog to those free times.
Don’t go crazy. Make it achievable and build in breaks. And also make sure you have a good spread of subjects.

4. Wrap up

At the end of the week hold a Weekly Review and Plan (WRAP) session.

Move the units you’ve completed to the done pile. Anything you’ve not yet finished with goes back to the backlog.

This isn’t a judgement thing. You know how well it went. Have a think about what went well and what didn’t. Maybe Monday’s aren’t a productive day, if so, block out those. If you need music to work to, make your playlists in advance.

5. Do it all again.

All that remains is to start again.