Foolproof planning without the stress

Make GCSE and A Level revision work for you.

If your New Year’s resolutions include working smarter and more efficiently towards exams, we’re here for you.

  • Procrastination busting
  • Prevents subject avoidance
  • Clear understanding of what needs to be done
  • Increases control and reduces anxiety
  • Nag-free encouragement!

GCSE Readiness

Make the most of the time before mocks and summer exams with an award-winning plan.

Struggling to start?

Breaking your courses into bitesized chucks makes your revision workload feel more manageable.

GCSE Revision can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

The Study Buddy is an approach to managing time. Especially important in the run-up to exams.

We can get up and running quickly. And our award-winning tools will help to keep you on track.

Most importantly they can keep anxiety under control and build confidence ready for assessments.

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    GCSE Bundles

    Time for Plan A

    We have something for everyone! Our innovative kits break down GCSE subjects into bite-sized chunks. This makes planning easy. And it makes sure the whole course is covered.

    HomeStudy Starter Pack


    Our innovative revision bundle has everything you need to organise your teenager to their GCSEs, while giving them control and responsibility.


    The Buddy Board


    up to 60 magnetic cards


    Dry wipe pens and eraser set

    The Original GCSE Bundle


    Everything you need to get going quickly with your GCSE study planning. And at 20% off of the cost of the separate items!


    The Buddy Board


    Magnetic GCSE revision sets for 10 subjects


    The Digital Tracker


    Personal Study Summary


    Dry wipe pens and eraser set

    GCSE Jotter Set


    The new Study Buddy GCSE Desk Jotter and Labels is portable and lightweight. Ideal for Year 11 GCSE-facing teens. 


    A3 desk planner


    Revision sticker sheets for 10 GCSE subjects


    Free postage

    Get organised with the original GCSE Revision Bundle.

    Everything you need to structure your revision for mocks and final exams.

    • Magnetic Whiteboard
    • 10 GCSE revision sets
    • Digital Tracker
    • Study Summary
    • Dry Wip pens and eraser set

    It’s not just about getting top marks, it’s about empowerment, habit building and good mental health.



    courses including GCSEs, iGCSEs, BTEC, A Levels, AS Levels

    You get the revision sets you need for your subject and exam board so your preparations are spot on.


    Planning for Exam Success

    An agile approach to organisation

    Often studying fails because the approach is too rigid. Our method focuses on what’s possible and uses feedback to adapt. And making it really obvious what needs to be done to be exam ready.

    Planning. Simple.

    Leaving GCSE results to chance is never going to be a winning mindset. 

    Our approach delivers confidence through straightforward breakdown of the work that has to be done. 

    No surprises and no panicking. 


    Real world tools.

    Do you find yourself worrying if your child is doing enough, or isn’t on top of their studies?

    With The Study Buddy it’s really clear to see what’s got to be done and what is in plan. 


    An unworkable plan is no good to anyone.

    A great plan needs to be based on achievable goals. And it should be realistic.

    You can’t set them in stone. But you can determine with magnets and our buddy board!  


    More than just a timetable

    For as long as there have been ex students have struggled to get grips with revision. The Study Buddy method is an innovative way of managing a studying workload.

    Tangible Benfits

    Focuses the mind on short term goals. Achievable and satisfying.

    No Nagging

    The parent role becomes more about supporting and less about hassling.

    Clear Objectives

    A comprehensive backlog of course units lets you know what has to be done.

    Builds Future Skills

    The entire approach helps develop prioritisation and task management skills.

    Overcomes Delay

    At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque.

    Balance social and study

    The weekly schedule lets you plan study activities and the all important lie-ins!

    Flexible Control

    Mnis dolor repellendus. Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe evenie.

    Used by students

    Trusted by parents. 

    The Study Buddy was created by a dad to help his son with his GCSEs back in 2017. Since then we’ve been supporting students all over the country to fulfil their potential. (And helping parents destress!)

    “Excellent customer service. Wonderful products which have helped my daughter get sorted for her revision for GCSEs.”


    Mum to a teen girl

    “I think the best thing about this method is that the conflict between Joe and I about his study time and revision was removed…

    I felt like I was in touch with how he was getting on without nagging him all the time.”


    Mum to teen boy

    The Study Sessions Podcast

    Expert guests helping you support your exam-facing teen

    Preparing for the GCSE Journey

    Preparing for the GCSE Journey

    You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from those of us who’ve now come to the end of the exam period road. Now, all we have to do is wait for the results. But amongst us there are year 10 parents, the next cohort of GCSE studying families, considering the...

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    On what happens after the GCSE exams

    On what happens after the GCSE exams

    The end of exams brings with it an almost palpable lifting of a weight. The hard work has been done – or not – and now all you have to do is wait. And I say “all” like it’s easy in itself. For some this waiting period can be a little fraught too. So what are the best...

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    On answering common questions in the run up to GCSE exams

    On answering common questions in the run up to GCSE exams

    It’s not long now until the exams. It’s a time when nerves can get frayed, and tensions run high. This is the stage of revision that is most marked by the rhetorical questions like my personal favourite: Shouldn’t you be revising? Wouldn’t it be great if there were...

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    On revision techniques that work with Kate Jones

    On revision techniques that work with Kate Jones

    “I’ve been revising for ages” is often something that battle weary parents will have heard when asking how it’s going. As if lapsed time, spent near an open book or with a YouTube video playing a good use of time. But to be fair, it’s not just the procrastinators and...

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    On creating a revision revolution at home with Helen Howell

    On creating a revision revolution at home with Helen Howell

    There’s a widely recognised link between how well teens do in their exams – and in school generally – and the kind of interest and support they get at home over around their education. At least that’s how I justify any fleeting moments of overbearing nagging to my...

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    On getting started with a GCSE or A Level revision plan

    On getting started with a GCSE or A Level revision plan

    If you ask any exam facing student whether they want to fail, they will tell you they don’t. Of course. And invariably they’ll know that to not fail (but especially to do well) they have to revise a bit. But strangely this acceptance doesn’t always translate into...

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    How to schedule time for your revision

    How to schedule time for your revision

    We take time – and filling it – for granted. But using it well isn’t something that happens by accident and it isn’t always something that comes naturally. Follow our three simple steps to planning time effectively

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    I’m starting to panic about Year 11 and GCSEs

    I’m starting to panic about Year 11 and GCSEs

    It's not uncommon for some students to feel anxious about the start of their final GCSE year. Here's what we advise. First things first, you've got this. And there's no end of people who are more than willing to lend a hand and support you (whether that's teachers,...

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    We’re here to help. Please get in touch if there’s something we can help with. 

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