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Thinking about GCSEs in 2021?

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Give yourself the best chance

Our GCSE Revision bundle is the perfect aide to prepare for next year’s exams. Each course is broken down helping you to keep on top of what you need to study.

Reduce your stress, boost your motivation and overcome procrastination.

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The latest news on 2021’s exams

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Take control of your time and studies with our GCSE Bundle.

Everything you need to get going quickly, tailored to the courses you are taking.

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What are Ofqual doing?

Exams have been cancelled. Make sure you understand the changes to how GCSE and A Level grades are being awarded in 2021.

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How does the method work?

Find our about our straightforward 5 Step approach to creating a revision plan that you can stick to.

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Motivation: Get it & keep it. 

Explore the foundations of good motivation and also some of the tactics and strategies that might help you to find what drives your young person. 

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Study Buddy has been AMAZING! She can easily see for herself how much time she really has and actively make decisions about how she uses it. She’s in control. Instead of arguing when I ask if she’s “done any homework today”, I can see what she had planned and ask how she got on. She feels a sense of achievement and actually enjoys planning each week out to make the most of her free time.

I love it because it feels like one less thing I have to worry about in my busy week. Its really working.

Becky, mum to year 10 girl.

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Whether you’re worried about falling behind or want to stay ahead of the curve, preparing now will give you the best shot at fulfilling your potential next year.

It’s not just the class of 2020 that will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Next year’s exam students have suffered with significant disruption to their education. This, coupled with the uncertainty about what might change to the exams themselves, can be very unsettling. 

Planning in some study time now over the summer holiday could make a real difference to how well students perform in the exams. They will have greater content coverage, but should also feel significantly more confident in their abilities.

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Studying now will pay dividends

Don’t get out of the habit of learning.

The summer is a long time to be off at the best of times. Yes it is a great chance to relax and have fun – and we’re big believers in doing that – but at the same time over a long period skills can become rusty and knowledge can be forgotten.  Factoring in some time over the summer break for study is a way of keeping the brain active as well as reinforcing previous learning. All of this makes returning to school easier.

Changes are likely to be made to the 2021 exam structure, but not the content.

It’s not yet known how the 2021 exams will be different to previous years, but we do know that they are very likely to be altered. This is a response to the disruption in schooling. The exams dates might be pushed back and some time intensive aspects of courses might be removed – e.g. watching a teacher perform a practical rather than all students doing it. This would all allow for more teaching time. One big proposed change is to make more optional questions. If this is the case then those students who have covered the whole syllabus will have a significant advantage in the exam. They will be able to choose which question they could answer best. If you haven’t covered everything in the course specifications then you won’t have that option; you can only answer the one you’ll have been taught.

Could results be based on predictions again?

Of course there are several unknowns, but planning for the worst tends to be better than simply hoping for the best. What if exams were cancelled again in 2021? If results were based on predictions and teacher assessments, be prepared fully for all homework, tests and mock exams. Students should be wary of last minute revision and cramming – in the event that they don’t get a chance to sit a ‘proper’ final exam. 


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