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* full GCSE Study Bundle

*Coaching sessions

*podcasting mic

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This year, we’re after four year 10 students to take part in a study. We want to follow these young people as they head towards their exams. This way we can track this highs, lows and obstacles that they face when it comes to studying and revising.

The four selected students will be given the GCSE revision sets for all their courses, the Buddy Board, Digital Tracker and also a podcasting microphone! Plus they will also receive regular personal (remote) coaching sessions to help with their revision and studies.

Entry is open to anyone studying GCSEs/iGCSEs in UK. There is no other pre-requirements. Winning students will be selected to try to get a diverse mix of characters, geographies and approaches. However, it would be useful if they are comfortable talking and have access to an internet connect device for the calls.

Why the microphone? Well, that’s because we plan to regularly check in with each of them to see how they’re getting on. Any interesting issues or topics will then be discussed with experts in a weekly podcast. The thinking is that this is a great way to help all parents and students tackle some of the common obstacles to revising and studying at home. 

How much time will this take up? At the moment this is a bit fluid, we haven’t done it before! But our expectation is that there would be a brief, regular call once a fortnight with our founder, Nathan. Think of it like a free coaching and mentoring session! Parents are very welcome to be involved.

Worried about privacy? Don’t be. We’re happy to use a pseudonym if you’d rather and we would never give out any personally identifiable information.

When will this all start? We’d love to have an initial introductory call soon, so that we can learn more about the students. Then we will stay fairly flexible over the summer to suit – and to allow for the fact that not a lot of studying is likely to be happening! And we’ll pick up again in earnest at the end of August when the school year starts.


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    About the student

    Parent/carer details


    The winner will be expected to take part in regular recorded calls to check on progress. Sometimes this will be included in a podcast or other marketing material. You are welcome to choose an false name to go under if you'd prefer. And at no time will personally identifiable information be given out. Do you agree to give your consent to do this?

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    Given the age of student participants it is important to us to make sure that parentsguardianscarers are aware of what is happening. Please confirm that they have consented and are willing to be contacted about this.

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