The pandemic has resulted in cancelled exams for hundreds of thousands of pupils across the UK. In their place,  we have Teacher Assessed Grades; where teachers are using their professional and holistic judgment to determine the level that a student is performing at.

On the face of it at all sounds relatively straightforward. However, as we get closer to the deadlines, and as teachers, students and parents grapple with the realities of not having terminal exams, a myriad of complexities and questions seem to be appearing. The most pressing one seems to be, how can we make sure that this process is fair, and the grading is consistent.

This week, we’re looking at the challenges facing teachers and indeed Exam boards in ensuring consistency across centres and students’ results.

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Nathan McGurl, founder of The Study Buddy is joined by Ian Morgan. Ian is the Chief Executive of WJEC, having joined the organization in 2002. WJEC is an exam board based in Wales, providing bilingual qualifications. And it’s also responsible for the Eduqas brand, which runs qualifications across schools and colleges in England. He is also a board member of the Joint Council for Qualifications. In this episode, we build on the previous conversation with JCQ’s Philip Wright around evidence. We explore teacher judgement and the quality assurance process as it is taking shape across Wales and England.

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