Sometimes it can seem like teens get pushed through a cookie cutter template. But it’s important to remember they are all individuals. Each young person is unique and will approach things in a different way.

We seem to have comfortably adopted a view that ‘normal’ exists – albeit within certain parameters. And this is how we have structured the mainstream system. But how does that work for those who are further away from ‘average’? And importantly what can ‘mainstream’ learn from those outliers?

In this episode we’re thinking about Autism, Special Education Needs – the impact that it has on those young people and what lessons there might be for all parents when it comes to supporting their teens. Nathan is joined by parent, Justine and Autism and SEN experts, Lynn McCann of Reach ASC and Georgina Durrant founder of the SEN Resources Blog.

We hear about the importance of flexibility, experimentation and above all of communication between parents, teachers and the young person.

While this episode is focused explicitly on SEN, and especially Autism, it is important to note that these young people will likely find themselves confronted with the same kinds of issues as their ‘neurotypical’ peers. The significant difference is that their reactions and experiences may be amplified. However the approaches we take with these teens should shine a light on how we might better support all teens in their studies.

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