We’re excited to announce the imminent arrival of the second season of our podcast. Still offering tips and insights on how to support teens with their approach to exams. But this year with a bit of a twist.

In Season One we talked to a number of different experts, teachers, parents and students about study. We explored topics like sleep, anxiety, parental involvement and growth mindset – to name but a few!

What’s new in Season Two?

This year we’re doing things a little differently. We’re following 6 students as the approach their GCSE year – a study of studying if you like. Each week we’ll be taking a deeper look at some of the issues that these teens face and discuss those with a panel of experts.

Following the students in this way will be invaluable for those parents who’s children are approaching exams. With the range of students we’re following there will be echos of what your own child is experiencing.

So, why not catch-up with season one for a broad overview of how to support your exam-facing young person. Or listen to S1 Ep 17 and get to know the six teens involved throughout Season 2.

S3 Ep30: On Preparing for the GCSE Journey The Study Sessions: from The Study Buddy

Are you an expert with a point of view?

If you would like to be on one of our panels, please get in touch. Whether you are a teacher, parent, former student or other expert we are always keen to have great people to hand to offer their advice and thoughts.

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